Paul DeHaven

Paul DeHaven


 I transform hard and flat into curved and flowing, from rigid and unwavering into movement and drama. I do this because the living world itself is not hard and flat and unwavering. Life is buoyant and effervescent and changing and in motion, and in some intimate way, I see this dynamism in the metal and what to beat it the hell out!

I take an image in my head and infuse it into the metal using heat and pressure and chemistry (sweat counts, right?). 

However, metal is a cruel mistress. It can be seductively easy, then unforgivingly demanding, never really telling you what it wants or needs. You either fight or capitulate. There is no middle ground.

I command the metal to take shape, and we do battle, a contest of the elements- fire, water, earth, air. and willpower.

Eventually, the thing emerges but it's the journey along the way that is so revealing... and is so often obscured by the end product.

So, I'm certainly doing this for me and my journey on earth. I'm trying to find 'The Source' of all creativity... for my own enlightenment. But if even one other person finds something that adds a positive anything to their life in these on-lines pages, well that's just gravy, isn't it?